YachtXotics Miami is unlike any other party experience you’ve ever encountered. We are a Yacht Charter Experience, at an affordable price. We want everyone to experience the culture of Miami, fashion, creative artistic value, luxury, and above all, a red carpet five star experience.

Established in 2018, we are South Florida’s only Yacht Charter and event planning business. Incorporating yacht charters with experiential marketing. We are proud members of The Southern Florida Concierge Association (SFCA) as a reward for our high standards of concierge services and ethical professionalism.

We offer over 55 yachts to charter, along with unique all inclusive amenities for your day on the water. We do corporate events, weddings, holiday and prviate parties. We also have our jet ski rental company (Ski Experience Miami).

When you charter a yacht with us you get luxurious amenities such as full wait staffs and live music that are catered to your needs and we make sure to fulfill even your wildest requests. We also provide mocking shoots as you gaze the Miami skyline, discovering everyone can live the high life if the work hard for it.

We pride ourselves on offering an extravagant experience you can’t find anywhere else. We have everything Miami has to offer right on the decks of our yachts so you won’t have to stress about booking your vacation with us.

YachtXotics embodies the Miami party scene and there is no better way to experience it than on the open water. Book your charter with us today!