YachtXotics Miami is not like any other thing you have experienced. We are a Yacht Charter Experience, at an affordable price. We want everyone to experience the culture of Miami, fashion, creative artistic value, luxury, and above all, a red carpet five star experience.


We pride ourselves on doing mocking shoots as you gaze the Miami skyline, discovering everyone can live the high life if the work hard for it. Whether it's multiple dj mixing (80s house mix of "Money for Nothing" (Dire Straights) or alternative house mix of "Smells like teen spirit" 90's hip hop icons - we hand select our music to cater to a real yachting event. We also have a live saxophone play along with Dj upon request.


Our marketing options can come from the very finest restaurants Miami has to offer, Kuro of the Hard rock, Prime 112, to name just a few. We offer a "BRAND", and experience where you feel like your living the life of luxury, peace, happiness, and pure boating euphoria.